Thursday, February 4, 2010

Star Trek Online

I know I'm going to hate myself for this, but I went ahead and bought the lifetime subscription to Star Trek Online (before the dead line for the cheaper price). The reason I was worried about spending the money was I had already done the same with Cryptic's other game Champions Online. A game which they continue to make most of the power combinations unplayable. There are so many "must have" powers that I don't understand the point of giving us a choice. Still I gave in to the silent peer pressure (my friends said nothing other than they were playing) and bought the lifetime. The only bright side is so far they haven't royally mess the game up....yet.

Currently it is a fun game, though the missions can be some what repetitive. WoW had what I called the "Do 10s". Go kill 10 of these, collect 10 of these, go get this glowy and on the way kill 10 of these, etc. STO has a few too many "Do 5s" as in go kill 5 patrols of X aliens. Still there are some nifty missions that tie back to the old show. They have also made the Cruiser (Enterprise type of ships) more playable and here is to hoping the continue so. It isn't a horrible game and if they every have a free trial I would suggest checking it out. With lifetimes only available to preorder customers there is the sense of get it now or miss out. Still it is just a hold over till the Old Republic from BioWare.

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