Friday, April 23, 2010

Talion: Revenant

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So we interrupt our previously scheduled posts (scheduled is all a matter of perspective) in favor of some news near and dear to my book loving heart (promiscuity between many books is socially acceptable right?).  One of my favorite authors Michael A. Stackpole (one as in yes I do have many and favorite as in I don't have favorites for the moment, but favorite from the fact I've enjoyed every book of theirs I've read) is releasing his book Talion: Revenant in eformat both epub and kindle (which I'll link when it is up).  This is great for me in that I take my kindle everywhere and since I have enjoyed reading Talion: Revenant multiple times it makes it easier to do so again.  You can find some good reviews (good as in well done whether for or against the book) here on amazon.  The best news however is that if all goes well with ebook sales (epub and kindle) of this book he will finally write and release the sequel Talion: Nemesis.

(note: does contain vary vague spoilers)
Talion: Revenant at first seems quite simple it is about a man by the name of Nolan who is a Talion Justice.  The Talions are the broken into various groups according to the tasks they can perform.  One such group is the Justice, an elite group of individuals that work as a sort of cross between an elite military group (Rangers/Seals/etc) and the CIA.  It is their job to administer Justice and it is up to each individual what that Justice means.  They are answerable only to their superiors and the head of the Talions.

The book starts off at the end of his current assignment, but then quickly goes back to give us a back story of both Nolan and the Talions.  The transitions between present and past are well done so I never felt lost.  A lot is revealed of Nolan's back story and his motivations for why he does what he does.  There are many likable characters which also sets up for some tragic parts within the story.  That is one thing that did make this approach of present and past much more acceptable in this story because you are given time to know the current situation so that such tragedies are a part of this persons past and make them what they.  It gives more of a meaning to such tragedies rather than the author instead throwing them at the reader for shock value.  It gave me at least the more comfortable position of looking at old wounds so to speak.  The more current of the story his is mission to prevent the death of a king he despises due to his invasion of the country Nolan lived in as a child and the death of his family at the hands of those invaders.

I have to say over all the book is extremely well done and comes off as a solid history of the character and how he stands now.  There were many little reveals that setup well for future stories both in subtle hints as well as outright prophesies.  Which brings it back to the sequel (or maybe sequels) and how much many of us that enjoyed the book really want this to do well.  Over the long hall Talion: Revenant has done well in sales, but never enough for a publisher to pick up any additional books.  Understandably the author can't just blindly spend his time on it in the hopes it will do well as he is a full time author so all his money comes from his writing.  It is a good way to measure also how many sales such a sequel may generate.  Here is to hoping that it does well and he can write the sequel.  I know that I'll be supporting this as I can.  It isn't from the blind devotion of fandom, but the actual joy of reading more about this setting and its characters.  I hope that those of you reading this might give the first book a try I think it is well worth the while.

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