Saturday, October 9, 2010

It is always sad when someone dies.

I prefer not to talk about personal things so instead I'll talk about a writer I liked who it seems died recently. Jennifer Rardin died on Monday, September 20th. She was the writer for the Jaz Parks series. The series is about Jaz Parks who is an assassin for the government. In this alternate universe supernaturals do exists, most especially Vampires, and it is Jaz Parks job along with her mentor Val(a vampire) to stop some of the most heinous of these from continuing to do harm.

For the most part it is a fun series of books that has a little bit of adventure/comedy/etc. There is a love interest between Jaz and Val, but the books never become romances and stay firmly this side of the Urban Fantasy line. The author never tried to go for any shock factor to the story lines that seems to becoming all too over used now. The main character Jaz can be a bit of the typical tough woman with the troubled up bringing, but it does work for the character and doesn't come off too trite. She does have a "chosen one" situation, but thankfully the author doesn't have that mean the character leaves everyone behind in the power department especially her partner Val. He continues to grow as both a character and in power. It becomes an equality of saviors rather than the chosen one and her minions.

I really suggest the series if you are looking for a Vampire Urban Fantasy that hasn't yet done like many and degrade into some bodice ripper romance. Mrs Rardin's last two books for the series are finished with the 7th book due out this November and the final book due out June 2011.

Our condolences to her family and friends. Her site is

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