Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Professionalism by any other name

It seems there is this debate that has been going around for a little while that has been labled "Librarians vs Bloggers".  The crux of it seems to have come out of a recent American Library Association Annual Conference.  Some of which has this blogger scratching his head.  First here are a few posts an articles to catch you up.

I have to say I came away with a very different view of the PW article than some did. It mentioned a problem some people are seeing. Maybe I'm wrong, but many seemed to have taken it more personally than the article seems intended for. Many a blogger seems to feel the martyred because of this whole issue. Which leave this little blogger scratching his head. Whether a blogger is or can be a professional is really totally beside the point.

I have to agree that bloggers can be important word of mouth outlet for Publishers. I also know there are a lot of other ways to get access to ARC's (Advanced Reader Copy) as well. It seems to me a convention like the American Library Association(I feel that people want to gloss over the importance of it by using the acronym) shouldn't be one of those places for bloggers to try and obtain them. Nothing against bloggers, but a convention designed specially for a group of professionals in the end is for those very professionals. It isn't very professional to over look that fact.

People in their righteous indignation seem to want over look that fact. As if the fact they are right in their mind(being right or not being aside the fact) excuses certain behaviors. It doesn't. Too many seem to think that being polite about something means they can be rude about something else. I've seen this on both sides and like many things people have been taking it to ridiculous lengths.

I also want to point out I don't see the Publishers failure to comment(in both the PW and in other places) supportive of the blogger view. I think it was nothing more than the sense to stay out of the argument. Whatever they decide to do, nothing positive could be gained from making a vocal stance either way. Even a moderate response could be used in a way that might not be intended just as no comment might be found supportive. Their best interest is to officially have no interest at all. In the end their only say is if they show up to something like the ALA and how many ARC's they decide to give out or not. Anything else is up to the event and attendees.

If what tLL said in a follow up blog post(linked above) was true then the video wasn't taken as intended, but the whole issue does bring up something that perhaps need to be resolved. The PW article to me does nothing but help point that out. I didn't come away from the PW article thinking less of some bloggers. I have come away from some of the responses to it thinking less though.

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