Thursday, August 4, 2011


It isn't like this has been a state secret, but I just found these and the inner geek in me wants some for his devices. GelaSkins is a company that makes skins for various electronic devices. I was rather surprised to find out that many people didn't know what a skin is. To quickly explain a skin, in simplest terms, is a large sticker for your device. They have actually been around for years. Cell phones where the fist I saw them for and then they started appearing for consoles like the X-Box and the PS2.

It seems while I wasn't looking GelaSkins(and possibly other companies) upped the ante and offer them for just about any type of electronic gadget your little heart desires. Phones, consoles, controllers, laptops(not mice though), Ebook Readers, and whole host of other devices.

This almost has me trading in my first generation Kindle(K1) for a K3.

Geekness aside they are a bit on the pricey side at about $15 - $30US. The upside however is that you can also upload your own pictures for a custom skin on your favorite device. You can position, stretch, and rotate the picture(even multiple pictures) to fit any device they have a template for.

Reviews over on Amazon are generally positive. Most people seem to be able to apply the skin with little to no difficultly. Though once they are on they are on or off and not on and off. It seems while the skin does protect from scratches well and is easy to remove it is also easily damaged when removing. So the price is doubly hefty if you are thinking to switch these out to fit your mood.

So if you are interested you can check them out here:
(Don't worry I don't get anything for you clicking.)

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